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Friday, March 29, 2013

Chapter 3.12 I Got 5 On It

The next evening, as the cab pulled up to The Stardust, Ramona's stomach took an unexpected lurch. She turned to her husband, suddenly apprehensive. “Tuck, tell me why we have to be here again?”

He took her hand in his, giving it a small squeeze. “We're just meeting some friends of Jay's. It'll be fun. Besides,” he grinned, “we're in Lucky Palms so why not?” And with that last remark, he strode confidently toward the double doors.

She shook her head. Tuck's smooth talking ways may have gotten him out of all sorts of scrapes in his past but it was his overconfidence and bravado that had landed him there in the first place. Becoming a husband and even a father had done little to change that. Still, Ramona followed him, ever the dutiful wife.

Inside, Jay was the one who greeted them. “Evening, Mr. and Mrs. Whitney,” he crowed, obviously pleased to see them. “Tuck, Dante is waiting for you, in that office down the hall and to the right. Ramona, if you'll come with me, I'll give you the grand tour.”

“I'm to go with you?” she sniffed. “Well, I can see how this evening's going to go.”
“It'll just be for a little, Bright Eyes,” Tuck reassured her, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. “Why don't you go try your hand at some Blackjack.” He grinned at Jay. “Knowing my wife, we'll have to drag her out of this place.”

With a resigned sigh, she followed her tour guide for the evening up the stairs, somehow feeling more like a prisoner than a guest.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *
“So you're Tucker Whitney.” Dante Savaglio was waiting for him when he walked into the ornately decorated office.

Savaglio was a handsome, Italian man, dressed to the nines with the bling to match.  Tuck suspected his demeanor was as slick as the immaculately groomed hair on his head.

"Guilty as charged."

His host grinned, revealing two rows of pearl-white teeth.  "Please...have a seat."
Dante sat down in a buttery, leather chair that probably cost a day's work at Tuck's garage.  He leaned forward, deep in thought.  "I suppose you know why I called you here?"
"I'm not exactly sure," Tuck had to confess.  "But I'm guessing it has something to do with Jay and"

"I'm a powerful man, Mr. Whitney.  I own three casinos and millions of dollars worth of commercial and residential property.  I'm more well connected than the pope."  Savaglio paused.  "However, even a well-oiled machine must depend on every screw, nut, bolt, and cog.  Even the smallest part is imperative to its operation.  And that, is where you come in.  Now I'm not here to blow smoke up your ass, but I'm told you are /very/ good at what you do."

"I've been working for Jay since I was a teen.  I just do my job," said Tuck, attempting to be humble.  He knew he was good. 

"My associates and I have recently acquired a large supply of cocaine.  It's premium and straight from Colombia.  However, the Grecos, my family's sworn enemy, have started to intrude on our turf here in Lucky Palms.  What I need is a new face, someone unrecognizable, to move some of these bricks, someone the Grecos don't know.  I'll see to it that you receive a higher cut than you're accustomed to.  You'll most likely be making more here than Pertha Hills, Yume no Shima and Hidden Springs combined.  I would advise you to think very carefully before accepting."

Tuck paused.  He wasn't in Kansas anymore, that was for certain.  These men were ruthless, cutthroat and were very, very serious about what they were doing.  Was a pay increase worth putting himself, not to mention his family, in danger?  However, one territory meant that he would no longer have to run back and forth between towns and it meant that Conner and Josie would have secure futures.
"I'll do it."
He was in it for his family.  Dante could see that, practically bet on it when Jay had first recommended Tuck.  Jay had insisted that they had the perfect man for the job.  Tuck Whitney was a straight shooter, a devoted husband and father who had come from practically nothing and would do everything to protect what he worked all his life to achieve.
"Excellent.  Jay will call you later this week with the details," said Dante.  "Rusty?" he called.  "You may come in now."
A man of slight build and copper hair ambled into the room.  He was quirky looking, a little awkward and had a crooked smile. 
"This," gestured Dante, "is your associate.  Rusty will be your wheel man, runner, errand boy, messenger, whatever you need."

"Pleasure to meet you," said Tuck, shaking the man's hand.
Rusty smiled crookedly.  "The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Whitney."
Dante was confident in the recent additions to his team.  The Grecos would be forced to take their baking powder shit elsewhere.  He would dream of dollar signs tonight.
*     *     *     *     *      *     *
Ramona was by the Blackjack table when she felt something touch her ass.

She whirled around, furious.  "Jay?  What the fuck?" she demanded.  Before she knew what she was doing, she slapped him hard across his face.  
It was a stupid move.  Jay had killed people for less and for a moment, Ramona was afraid he might retaliate.  He scowled, touching a hand to his cheek.  "What's the big deal?"
She stood there glaring at him.   "I could ask you the same.  I am a married woman, Jay Caldwell."

He held out his hands.  "I'm sorry.  Jesus!  My hand slipped," he smirked.

She laughed humorlessly.  "I'm sure it did.  Your hand just managed to find its way to my ass and cop a feel.  Like that's the first time I've heard that."

"Enough!" a voice cried out.  "Jason Caldwell, is that any way to treat our guest?"

Ramona turned around.  A very pretty blonde had materialized out of nowhere and was now standing between them.

"Sorry," grumbled Jay.
"I should say!" the lady told him.  "I'm sure Dante wouldn't be happy to hear about this at all."  Turning to Ramona, she extended her hand.  "I am Rosalind Savaglio, Dante's wife and on behalf of the Stardust, I extend my apologies for the behavior of our staff."
Ramona offered a hand gratefully.  "Thank you for rescuing me."
Rosalind chortled.  "Oh it's just Jay.  He's just a man at the end of the day.  They all are.  They see a pretty lady and all the blood stops flowing to the brain and heads south."  She rolled her eyes.  "But enough of that, what do you say we go somewhere and have a drink?"
"I would love to."
The two ladies settled themselves into an intimate lounge with glasses of wine.  Ramona found Rosalind's company to be pleasant, especially after the evening's events and Rosalind was happy to have a female presence in the casino for a change.
"You have no idea how nice it is to have you here.  The other wives are dreadful cunts and besides, I rarely see them anyway.  I hope we'll be able to hang out more often once your husband starts working here."
"Tuck already has a job.  He's a mechanic," she told Rosalind proudly. 
"Oh?" Rosalind raised an eyebrow.  "But I thought that was why Dante invited you here tonight.  I'm probably saying too much, but Jay has been trying to get your husband into our business for awhile now." 
"And what, exactly, is your business?"
Rosalind looked down into her glass.  "Oh dear, I have made quite a mess of things.  You see, Tuck's been doing it for so long, I was sure you already knew."
"Rosalind, just tell me.  Please!" she implored the woman, standing up, her heart sinking to the floor.

*     *     *     *      *     *     *
Tuck was up $1,000 when he heard his wife behind him.

"A coke dealer?" she screeched, loudly.  "You've been a fucking coke dealer since you were sixteen and this is the first time I've ever heard of such a thing?"

"Ramona, please," begged Tuck, neither confirming nor denying.  "Can we talk about this back in our hotel?"

"No, we will fucking not.  We're going to talk about this right the fucking now.  We've been married for four years.  We have two children, Tuck!" she cried.  "We have a life together.  Had, at least, until I found out that I don't know you at all.  I've been married to a stranger."

Her eyes welled up with tears and he could see the pain thinly veiled under all of her fury.  He was on the verge of losing everything.  And this was one time he couldn't talk his way out.
"What are you going to do?" his voice cracked.
"I'm going home," she hissed.  "One of us has to be a parent.  One of us has to care about our family.  I don't even want to look at you right now.  We'll figure things out once you finish your business up here in Lucky Palms."
With that, his wife spun on one stiletto-clad foot and tramped out of the room, out of his life. 

He couldn't take it if he lost her forever. 
*     *     *     *      *     *     *
Downstairs, Dante and the strange Russian man conspired.

  • Who is the Russian man?
  • Will Ramona ever forgive Tuck?
  • Is Tuck in over his head? 

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  1. Hade worst day when i woke up but when i saw that you have posted (FINALLY ;)) a new chapter and that made my day!

    I really hope Ramona will forget Tuck and not leave him, i love them together! I wish thogh that Tuck wouldnt take the job, sure the money is awesome but he have a family now. gosh.

    comon write faster i need to know!